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Mystery Gift Box Script and Server


Bring Back the Fun and Anticipation!

Do you miss the excitement and surprise of giving and receiving gifts in Second Life®? Now you can bring it back! Two Leaf Technologies Mystery Gift Box Script uses a region-wide gift giving server where you hide the real gifts you want to send, and a gift giving script placed in a gift box for a friend, letting you turn any item into a mystery present. The gift box’s only content is a script, and gives no clue as to what the delivered gift will be, unless you decide to give them a hint when they shake their present!

Lots of Fun Features

Using the notecard setup based server, you can specify when a gift can by opened, by whom, add public or private greetings, and give hints to the gift contents when someone shakes a gift. You can also receive notices when someone reads a gift card and shakes or opens a gift.

The gift server can be hidden anywhere in your region, to place gifts for friends and loved ones under your own tree, or you can place and hide a server on a friend’s parcel, while leaving gifts for them. Any item can be used as a gift box with the included copyable gift script, and gift boxes and servers can be automatically deleted after gift delivery, taking care of the cleanup.

New Features

You can now give Mystery Gifts to Groups or make the gift boxes public for anyone to claim a gift!
This adds an entirely new level of possibilities for using the Mystery Gift Scripts and Server.

Endless Possibilities

Combining the different features, you can use the Mystery Gift Box Scripts and Server to set up gift parties, treasure hunts, Advent calendars for specific friends, groups, or everyone!

Simple and Easy to Use

The Mystery Gift Box Script and Server package contains:

  • A Two Leaf Technologies Gift Server – Copy – Mod
  • An Example Gift package –  Copy – Mod
  • Copyable Gift Script, to be placed in any gift box you like.

Servers and gifts are very simple to set up by notecard, and really brings back the fun and anticipation of giving and receiving presents in Second Life®.

Product Information

Mystery Gift Box Script and Server
LAND IMPACT: 1 for the server

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